We want to earn our customers, loyalty and trust. We must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create an added value for their business in their eyes.

We want to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative products and services, and exemplary citizenship. Growth, longevity and financial success will naturally follow.
We will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

ANTS came to existence on the 28 of may 2007. In the beginning this company had only 1 sole owner. In the mits of the almighty big companies we sought to make a difference. From what we can tell we have provided the market with a viable alternative. On 28 may 2012 we became an NV. This meant another partner was brought on board to infuse the company with new ideas and to help lead the company to higher heights. Up to this day we have met a steady growth created work for many IT specialist.

We are ANTS N.V.


ANTS N.V. is short for All Network Technologies Suriname N.V. We are an IT Company specialized in setting up networks and maintaining them. We have a variety of products and services which we use to accomplish the tasks granted to us. We make use of top of the line technology. We also invest in qualified personnel. We strive to provide efficient solutions while keeping your expenses down. At ANTS N.V. customer satisfaction, professionalism, knowledge and above all else A Reliable Network is guaranteed!

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