• Our logo consists of hoops with changing colors from blue to yellow. The meaning of these hoops are that we always strife to better our support. These hoops also represent the ISO 9001 process Plan-Do-Check-Act mythology that we use to guarantee quality and satisfaction.
  • Our logo has an Ant holding a cup of coffee. This represent that if you leave bestow work upon us will grasp the task at hand with both hands leaving you to be worry free and allow you to enjoy your cup of coffee.
  • Our logo has an Ant in it. Yes we are glad to be ANTS. To see why please visit the philosophy tab. ANTS are known to work in teams, they work hard, they do more than you think they can do, the communicate well and they are always prepared.
  • The 3 rings represent the 3 pillars we use to do business. We create a positive atmosphere we are flexible in our approach and we always deliver.
  • The color yellow in our logo represents Happiness, Warmth, Innovation and Caution
  • The color blue in our logo represents Professionalism, Trust, Authority, Power and Loyalty
  • The color red in our logo represents Health, Excitement and Life
  • The color white in our logo represents Pure, Peaceful, Spiritual, Clean and Goodwill
  • The color black in our logo represents Authority, Power, Mystery, Boldness, Elegance and Sophistication

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