Connecting Teams with Content and Conversations

Too often, the work teams you support find it difficult to share information and capture project-related discussions. Content ends up siloed and dispersed across file-sharing solutions, email threads and offline office tools.

Samepage from Kerio – the creator of Kerio Connect – makes it possible to create, organize and share a wide variety of content and access it via single, intuitive view.


Content and Conversations — in One Place

Users can easily share files, photos, videos and more by dragging and dropping them onto a page. Teams can move their conversations out of email and on to the page, saving time and making collaboration faster, more efficient and more productive. Project managers can create meeting agendas and task lists to keep projects on track and add important dates for a rolled-up calendar view of a project’s key milestones. In addition, work teams can synchronize files to their computers – and with Samepage integration with top file synchronization services, they can also easily work with existing cloud files.


Mobile Support

As users become increasingly mobile, whether on the road or moving from meeting to meeting on a corporate campus, mobile support is critical. With Samepage, team members can stay current on conversations, quickly search for pages and important content anytime, anywhere.

Have Questions?

Need Consulting? We’re here to help. Find answers to your questions, get support for implementation and configuration and more with ANTS N.V. support. Here, you’ll find all the tools you need to set up and manage Kerio SamePage effectively.

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