About VCloudPoint

vCloudPoint technologies make desktop computing extremely simple and affordable. Due to the superb flexibility and simplicity of its zero client, you can easily deploy, use and manage desktops for dozens to hundreds of users at a fraction of costs.

Virtual Desktop take the best of the PC and puts it with the best of Terminal Services. Each user gets their own computing environment running a desktop OS. That’s a familiar computing environment for the user and pretty much most applications should be OK with that. The desktop OS is running on a server running a virtualisation solution in the data centre. That centralises the user computing environment beside their server applications and data. It also reduces the footprint out on the floor so it should reduce helpdesk movement out there.


The game-changing zero client

vCloudPoint zero client is a game-changing device that overcomes the weaknesses of traditional zero/thin client. Combined with the vMatrix Server software, it provides the most powerful yet easiest-to-deploy, use, and manage sharing solution without sacrificing desktop experience and delivers the best TCO.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Reducing initial acquisition costs– The initial acquisition costs are saved when replacing PCs with vCloudPoint zero clients which cost less than half the price of entry-level PCs.
  • Better leverage of IT budgets– Sharing resources on a centralized PC improves leverage of hardware upgrade budgets and software licensing.
  • Minimizing endpoint maintenance– With no failure -prone moving parts, repairs on the zero clients are rare and your maintenance costs are minimized to just on the shared computer.
  • Greater energy saving– Compare to the 110 watts or more by a typical PC, the vCloudPoint zero clients consume only 5 watts and produce much less heat, providing at least an 80% savings in energy consumption and air conditioning over PCs.
  • Longer desktop refresh cycles– Lack of moving parts improves life spans in harsh environments like restaurants, public spaces, warehousing and manufacturing. The obsolescence-free feature also proves longer desktop refresh cycles, saving both refresh budgets and cutting the time for the refresh from weeks to hours.

Have Questions?

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