• Whether constructing a day to day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business wide disaster recovery plan, we first analyze your business ahead of delivering a bespoken technical solution.
  • Typically, we analyze business activities, infrastructure, applications, and the key user activities that keep the business running. In addition, as we draw up recommendations, we’ll consider key commercial issues such as the criticality of any given activity, key compliance and regulatory issues and the overall cost of the required protection. In reality, few businesses can justify a plan which replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure.
  • So the skill in business recovery planning involves understanding the trade-off between the level of protection delivered and the absolute cost of the plan. Every client is unique.
  • Every industry is exclusive. Some, such as regulated fund-managers, need to ensure that they can regain their ability to carry on trading within strictly regulated timelines. Other businesses, which have less stringent requirements, can benefit from a mix of recovery solutions, which result in operating more cost effectively.

Put simply: our role is to help clients to arrive at an intelligent, commercial tradeoff between protection levels and cost.

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