With our trained team on hand we provide support from our office to your location. We provide different kinds of remote support and those are:

Spontaneous customer support
This is for when we have to provide on-the-spot solutions? We can easily control our customer’s computer remotely, as if you were sitting right in front of it. We can remotely connect within seconds without the customer needing to install any software.

24/7 access to remote computers
Administer remote computers and servers anytime, anywhere as if we were sitting directly in front of them. We can connect easily with just a single mouse-click!

Log every support connection
Whether Windows or Mac, browser-based or from a smartphone, all connections made by our support team are automatically logged. This way we guarantee none of our IT staff can access hardware or software without our and your knowledge.

Together with other tools Like Nagios, Kerio and Netgear we can Monitor your network health and security state.

We will be notified before you sometimes even know there is a problem coming. This provides us with the ability to deploy rapid response before or shortly after a incident is noticed.

Have Questions?

Want to hear more about the advantages of our remote support solutions? We’re here to help. Find answers to your questions, get support for implementation and configuration and more with ANTS N.V. support. Here, you’ll find all the answers you need to make the best decision.

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