We offer a combination of proactive monitoring, reactive monitoring and rapid problem resolution, via a range of support applications.

In terms of proactive monitoring our proprietary server monitoring application allows us to predict and prevent many network problems before they impact on individual users. For reactive monitoring we use a market-leading monitoring tool, which alerts us the moment any core infrastructure element becomes unavailable.


Rapid problem resolution is enhanced by our remote diagnostic tools. Together these tools ensure that we can move from diagnosis to resolution as quickly as possible.

ANTS has the experience and the expertise to deal with problems as they arise, whether in the core server architecture, or elsewhere within the client network including firewalls, switches and hubs.

Outside the network, ANTS supports and manages connectivity, security and remote access needs and issues. Our infrastructure support and maintenance service does precisely what it says on the tin: “MINIMIZING INFRASTRUCTURE DOWNTIME, AND INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS”.

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